Vivo X100 Pro 5G Vs iPhone 15 Camera- Test Comparison

(Vivo X100 Pro 5G Vs iPhone 15 Camera)

Most of the changes do not come in today’s phones(Vivo X100 Pro 5G Vs iPhone 15 Camera), meaning it is almost the same as the previous series but still man, it is looking very, very cool and yes. This is an iconic design in itself, both of them have matte glass finish inside, a little Vivo-themes, many things are written on the circle ring of the camera, there are many other things, there is the branding of ZICE and this company only makes dedicated cameras and vivo-themes but iPhone is of 171 grams whereas vi1 pro2 is of225 grams which means the weight difference of both the phones is of 54 grams and as per a phone this is a huge difference, both of them are dual There are stereo speakers, both of them also have type C.

Thankfully (Vivo X100 Pro 5G Vs iPhone 15 Camera) we are able to say that iPhone 15 is the advantage phone, so the protection in both is very next level, bring it quickly, that means both the phones are IP68 rated, they are so cool. I also take bath every day, it is not going to make any difference to them or both time guys, do different displays.

The display of both is also very different. Inside it is a 6. 1 inch Super Retina Rate and this time this iPhoneox. com display, when you use it indoor or outdoor anywhere in harsh lighting, there is no problem, both of them are bright enough but the display is a very flat display, its display is a curve display due to which More flex feel is going to come than i is going to be more rich feel is going to come at the same time. (Vivo X100 Pro 5G Vs iPhone 15 Camera)

Vivo X100 Pro 5G Vs iPhone 15 Camera

Due to the larger display(Vivo X100 Pro 5G Vs iPhone 15 Camera), it will be fun to consume content and when we did side by side sound test of both the phones, the sound of iPHONE was much better. iPhone15 is bionic chip and whereas vi3 9300 which is the latest and powerful processor of Mitech, now this a16 bionic chip is from last year but your senses will be blown away. When you listen to their rum, it has 6GB RAM inside it, whereas it has 16GB RAM inside it and you can expand it to 32GB.

Now, although both are flexible and the performance of both is very top note, but one number To see, we ran the end benchmark scores on both and if vi3 lakh thing comes then it is far behind. When compared to vi-r mobile india, if we open then obviously it is compared to iPhone 15 many times. (Vivo X100 Pro 5G Vs iPhone 15 Camera)Snap7 is the latest processor and that too. If it competes then brother A16 is even behind it, so now both of them have high refresh rate of 120Hz side by side and iPhone 7 brings Hz, only iPhone’s variant also comes with 12GB RAM and 256GB storage.

(Vivo X100 Pro 5G Vs iPhone 15 Camera)

It starts loading and you will not be able to do it but still 256GB storage and inside it there is 128GB base variant. This goes up to vi0v variant but inside this you will get maximum storage of 512GB. If you reach there then now after the design and performance, the thing which human beings What gives the most importance is the software experience.

Yes, we will definitely talk about the camera but before that let us see how soft their software is, both vi1 and iPhone 7 are absolutely latest in their place,both have their own advantages. Like it is secure but [Music] vip-2 will also come and different bands will also come but we have to compare to see which one is better, it supports vi7, Bluetooth version is 5. 4 and also it has 11 bands of 5G. But it is ahead in bands, it has 22 5G bands but when it comes for data transfer, it has USB3. (Vivo X100 Pro 5G Vs iPhone 15 Camera)

C type which will transfer data very fast but it has only USB2. 0 inside it and also Wi-Fi. fi is 6 and bluetooth version is 5. 3 so there are many things which are less inside it and vivo-themes, we have taken a lot of photos which you can see one by one and also all the photos we have taken in iPhone11 day life.

You see them side by side so that you cannot compare each other, you can only judge their capacity but now let’s move on to their specifications vip1 megapixel with e 50 megapixel ultra wide and 50 megapixel tele photo sensor only while iPhone 15 megapixel Has a primary sensor of 12 megapixels and ultra wide of 12 megapixels.

(Vivo X100 Pro 5G Vs iPhone 15 Camera)These are some photos that we have taken from the main primary camera of both the phones, in which see this picture, in this you will get more real colors of the jacket but better portrait shorts vi-r Bumble upload anywhere Do direct right swipes only, but in ultra wide, compared to iPhone 7’s portrait, it is less than Vivoy12’s 60x and 100x, even in 10x zoom, there is no sensor and when we tried night mode in it, it definitely ran within 60fps of vi4.

Vivo X100 Pro 5G Vs iPhone 15 Camera

You can see how well you will mark which one, I will show you the race in both, you will understand better. We are seeing from the even back camera, how well he is able to focus, see a little. Definitely iPhone is investing 11 million in videography. It will definitely record its videos, it goes up to 8k 30fps but it is not very useful. Coming to selfie camera, it comes with 3 megapixel selfie and it only takes 12 megapixels. (Vivo X100 Pro 5G Vs iPhone 15 Camera)

You also get more details when you click portrait photos with iPhone’s. When there are two to three people, it will blur one or the other person, but Vi4 has a 5400 AA battery with 100 volts of fast charger with 50 volts of wireless. Charging and there is also reverse wireless charging inside it. The same iPhone7 has 49 3349 AA batteries and also a 25 volt charging adapter does not come with it. You will have to buy it separately.

(Vivo X100 Pro 5G Vs iPhone 15 Camera)


The support is only this and there is 15 volt wireless charging and conclusion. Well, both the phones come with a very different approach and very different people buy them, come one with which goes, (Vivo X100 Pro 5G Vs iPhone 15 Camera) it becomes easier to use single handed, so you can choose according to your preferences. You can see which one is better for you, I have told you in each category, which one is the winner and which one is the loser and yes, if you want better battery, better charging and also better gaming performance, then again and again.

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