Realme 12 Pro + India Launch,One Plus 12 Coming,Rog Phone 8 First Look

Realme 12 Pro.Let’s start friends, let’s start today’s tech news, how are you guys, new week, new news, lots of good news for us and for you, Ta Group which is very aggressive in chipset manufacturing, actually in 12 to 18 months. This assembly plant will also become operational.

Realme 12 Pro + India Launch

Tata Group says that they are investing some Rs. 40,000 crores in a semiconductor plant in Assam. Yes, as I said, they are aggressively entering into both chipset manufacturing and i-manufacturing.

Well friends, their target is to become one of the top five brands and remember friends, till now Techn used to see budget series in this price range of 10, 12, 15,000 but now they are going to launch more units above 15,000, let’s see what happens.

They say that our target is to sell 1.5 million handsets. Now let’s see how many are sold. Well, friends, if you are on APay and use SMS, chances are you use Bapper Mini and Bapper Money, for now, yes. As soon as the security area comes, let’s talk about Apple’s 90Hz IPS display, G85 processor, 6GB RAM, 8GB RAM, there are going to be different variants, 18 watt charging and 5000 mAh battery, price around 10k.

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Realme 12 Pro

Realme 12 Pro + India Launch

By the way, friends, the launch event of one P12 is going to happen in Jain, let me tell you that the date has come on January 23, but is going to have 1.5k 128 ATPO curve display, the brightness will be 4500 nits, it is going to be on Jan 8, 2 processor.

Which is on oneplus18 h3, it is going to be on 8th Jan 2nd, it will have 16GB RAM, 256GB storage, there will be triple camera setup, 50MP 32P, let’s wait and see and a big flagship phone, Vivo’s X1, its global launch date has come, it will be launched on December 14th.

Friends, it will have different variants but it will be on Dime City 9300 but you know about the Will have 32 megapixel selfie 5400 mAh battery and 100 watt charging I want to check that camera out for noise Alright let’s talk about leaks and rumors redmi.

Realme 12 Pro + India Launch

mi 12 pro plus b is listed above Yes 7 above 3 There are going to be 30 telephotos of 32 megapixels, 64 megapixels 3x periscope telephoto lens, two telephotos, one periscope and one telephoto, 12GB RAM, 256GB storage, it will be launched in China in the first quarter of 2024, later in India and globally. Periscope camera is going to be launched.

Friends, below Rs 30000, this will probably be the only phone which can have it. So let’s wait and watch asus2 F8 series has been teased. Yes r F8 r F8 P8 and 8 Ultimate, this is beyond gaming. The caption that is teasing from the name is Beyond Gaming is obviously a gaming phone, so Beyond Gaming is going to be 8G processor, it will have RAM up to 24GB, 65W fast charging, it will debut in this series on January 9th.

Alright, the day has come, scam, yes new. Scam came the day, new scam yes this but this method is old, friends, they have done SIM card swap, cloned it basically and some 18.7 lakhs were withdrawn from the accounts of those with whom scam was done, this is a person from West Bengal. (Realme 12 Pro + India Launch).

There were people who lost their money, basically they got a message that their SIM card has been deactivated but actually it was not deactivated, the SIM card was cloned and was on another phone when the scammer was caught inside his phone.

If it was a SIM card or please be careful, by the way friends, let me tell you one thing, keep the SIM locked, it is very important, this is the right time for rapid fire, friends, yes again another week another day and a new feature yes view once in voice messages. (Realme 12 Pro + India Launch)

Now it is coming, earlier it was in text, now it was in voice and media, now for voice messages also there is view once, which means view once, listen once, it will come out, yes, vr2, it has been launched in India after 10 months. After it was launched globally 10 months ago, its price is ₹ 7990. (Realme 12 Pro + India Launch).

Realme 12 Pro + India Launch


By the way, friends, it is being said that the under display face ID camera is going to come after 2026, now we are in 20 23, which means there is no year to wait for it. By the way, low cost iPads are coming in 2024

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