Latest PTA Tax and Price Update: Apple iPhone 12 in Pakistan – Feb 2024

Apple iPhone 12: Feb 2024 Price and PTA Tax Update for Pakistan

The iPhone 12 series, launched in 2020, came with big improvements in hardware and camera features.

People are liking the iPhone 12 more because newer Apple phones are expensive. In Pakistan, older iPhones are still sold because they have great quality and features.

Apple introduced the iPhone 12 series in 2020, bringing significant upgrades to its hardware and camera setup. Even with the launch of newer Apple models, the iPhone 12 remains in circulation.

The increasing popularity of the high-end phone is attributed to the steep prices of newer Apple models, prompting users to opt for older ones instead.

Older iPhones remain in demand due to their exceptional build quality and premium features, which set them apart, especially when compared to Android devices.

In Pakistan, consumers are facing high prices for Apple iPhones due to taxes imposed by the PTA. Despite the considerable price hikes, demand for iPhones continues to rise, leading to inflated rates.

Apple iPhone 12 latest price in Pakistan 2024

As of early 2024, the price of the iPhone 12 is set at Rs.179,000.

iPhone 12 PTA Tax in Pakistan 2024

iPhone 12 ModelsPTA Tax (Passport)PTA Tax (CNIC)
Apple iPhone 12 MiniPKR 75,450PKR 94,078
Apple iPhone 12PKR 86,165PKR 107,432
Apple iPhone 12 ProPKR 103,335PKR 125,205
Apple iPhone 12 Pro MaxPKR 107,325PKR 130,708

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