iQOO 12 Indian Retail Until Unboxing Boxing and First Look

iQOO 12 Indian Retail.Alright friends, India’s first 8th Gen 3 smartphone is here! Yes, this is the first commercially available smartphone in India that you can buy on the 8th Gen 3. But what’s more exciting is that this phone is available for Rs 50K!(iQOO 12 Indian Retail Until Unboxing Boxing)

If you had asked me 1-2 months ago about the price of the 8th Gen 3 smartphone, I’d have said Rs 60-65K at the minimum. But it’s coming at Rs 50K & that’s crazy! That’s not all that’s crazy! 

iQOO 12 Indian Retail Until Unboxing Boxing

There are a lot of other things that I found surprising about the iQOO 12. It’s going to be a little detailed, so watch till the end as you’ll get to know a lot of things. We’re also going to talk about some new things, so check that out! Let’s open the box. You can see the 3 stripes of the BMW logo, but this is the black box. (iQOO 12 Indian Retail Until Unboxing Boxing).

iQOO 12 Indian Retail Until Unboxing Boxing

Alright, right up front, there’s the phone. Oh, it’s light! Alright, there’s some documentation about the collaboration with BMW. There’s a clear case for the TPU & some more documentation. There’s a big USB Type C charger & a USB Type C to Type C cable. And this is a 120W charger, so that’s nice! That’s about it. Where’s the sim card tool? Ah, right here! This is the sim card tool. Let’s keep it as we want to see. 

Let’s keep this aside & look at the phone. Alright, look at that camera module! This does not look like an iQOO phone. The design of an iQOO phone is generally industrial, but this looks very premium. Especially because of the camera module. It’s not a circle or a square, it’s a squircle. And it looks beautiful, look at this! It’s a fascination meets innovation. (iQOO 12 Indian Retail Until Unboxing Boxing)

iQOO 12 Indian Retail

iQOO 12 Indian Retail Until Unboxing Boxing

In the previous iQOO 11, it was a little big, but now it’s smaller. It’s a very nice design, I really like the design. There are 2 colours in it, Legend & Alpha. The Legend & Alpha are dark in colour. And I’ll tell you what, it feels really light! It has a 5000mAh battery, so it should be around 200g. It’s 207g, but the weight distribution is seriously good. It’s so heavy, it doesn’t feel heavy at all. It feels like it’s around 195-200g, so that’s good. It has flat sides, a metal frame & a glass back. It has a short sensation up glass protection, front & back. So despite the metal & glass design, the weight distribution is very nice. It doesn’t feel heavy at all. (iQOO 12 Indian Retail Until Unboxing Boxing).

Let’s drop it & see. That’s the marquee of our unboxing, let’s do it! 1, 2 & 3! No, nothing. Oh! Nothing happened, it’s well built. Ports & Buttons On the bottom, there’s a speaker grill, a USB Type C port, a microphone & a sim card tray. On the left, there’s nothing. On top, there’s a speaker grill, an IR blaster, a noise cancelling microphone. 

On the right, there’s a power on & off button & a volume rocker. That’s about it. Let’s look at the sim card tray. There’s already a sim card inside as we’ve tested it. So that’s there. But this is a dual nano sim card slot. Alright, we’ve seen it from the outside. It’s time to start the phone. But I think it has a scratch card, let’s remove it. Let’s have some satisfying moments. (iQOO 12 Indian Retail Until Unboxing Boxing).

Oh yes! Very nice! Alright, look at this display. It’s a big 6.78” LTPO display with 1.5K resolution. It’s a 120Hz fast refresh rate. But in gaming, you get up to 144Hz. So that’s there. But normally it’s 120Hz & it’s dynamic. So if you turn it off & your lock screen is at 1Hz, you get it from 1Hz to 120Hz. So that’s good. It has a peak brightness of 3000 nits. Normally, when we talk about peak brightness, it’s basically marketing jargon. 

Because when you watch videos on HDR, it’s very bright in small areas. But on HDR, it’s very bright & that’s when you get 3000 nits. And in normal usage, it’s 1400 nits brightness which is more than enough. (iQOO 12 Indian Retail Until Unboxing Boxing)

Meaning when you watch in sunlight, it’s 1400 nits. It supports HDR10+, it has PWM dimming of 2160Hz. So when you watch in low light, you should not have any problems. And when you’re gaming, it has a 1200Hz touch sampling rate. So I’m going to talk about gaming performance. Wow! I forgot to tell you that it has a USB Type 2.0. Now, the flagships of 2024 should have a USB Type 3 or above. 

So that’s there. I’m going to talk about specifications, but I want to talk about Funtouch OS. Some people like Funtouch OS & some don’t. But this time, it’s the 1st phone that’s out of the box. You’ll get it on Android 14 after Pixel. Funtouch OS 14 is based on Android 14. And it has 3 years of major updates & 4 years of security updates. One thing that I liked about Funtouch OS 14 is that IQOO has taken the feedback. And they’ve implemented a lot of new features. And it has become much more cleaner. The animations look clean & good. (iQOO 12 Indian Retail Until Unboxing Boxing).

iQOO 12 Indian Retail Until Unboxing Boxing

And one more thing, hot apps & games are not available anymore. That was all the time, everyone used to complain about it. It’s been removed & there’s no bloatware. I’d say that you can uninstall apps like Netflix & Spotify which you generally use. So in terms of OS, I’m really happy that Ico has improved a lot. And it has 2-3 good features. Let’s talk about the dialer. It’s not Google’s dialer, it’s Vivo’s or Ico’s dialer. You can do call recording without any disclaimers. So that is there. (iQOO 12 Indian Retail Until Unboxing Boxing).

It has the features of a kinetic wallpaper. They’re basically dynamic. For example, this blooms. This blooms means that you’ve kept 4000 steps. So if you’ve completed 4000 steps by evening, it’ll bloom completely. Otherwise, it won’t bloom completely. So right now, there aren’t many steps so only half has bloomed. If you walk properly, then it’ll bloom. And yes, there’s 1Hz AOD, which means the battery won’t be used at all. It’s at 1Hz only. There are 4 of them. And yes, there’s a customisable lock screen. (iQOO 12 Indian Retail Until Unboxing Boxing).

You can shift the clock & adjust its size. So that is also there. So there are a lot of features in Funtouch OS 14 which weren’t there before. People wanted them & they’re here. Now let’s talk about the performance. And I’ll tell you what, 8th Gen 3 performs superbly. We’ve seen other phones too but its AnTuTu score is the highest. It has 2 variants, 12GB RAM, 256GB storage & 16512. We have the 16512 variant. It comes with LPDDR5X RAM type & UFS 4.0 storage type. And its AnTuTu score is around 2.1M. 

So that is excellent! And it shows not only on paper but when you play games like BGMI or COD Mobile. In fact, you can play COD Mobile at 120FPS. You can play BGMI, PUBG at 90FPS. We also played Genshin Impact for 30 minutes & I’ll tell you what, we got 59.1-59.2FPS which is excellent! But there are more surprising thermals than that. The vapour cooling chamber is the biggest according to iQOO on a smartphone. And it’s increased by 40% compared to iQOO 11. And that shows, the temperature didn’t go above 42-43 degrees. It was warm & we seriously tested it quite a lot. (iQOO 12 Indian Retail Until Unboxing Boxing).

We’ve tested other 8th Gen 3 phones & I was scared that 8th Gen 3 is not good in terms of thermals. Because the other phone was around 50-51 degrees. But this didn’t cross 43 degrees. So thermals are in check & the CPU throttling tests were absolutely great. So performance is a huge highlight & iQOO phones are generally known for their performance. (iQOO 12 Indian Retail Until Unboxing Boxing)

And this is right up there. Battery life is 5000mAh with 120W charging which charges your phone from 1% to 100% in 26-27 minutes. But in usage, we got 6.5 hours of screen on time which is excellent! We’ve used other phones which had a low SOT & this has 6.5 hours. So the optimisation that iQOO has done with the software & hardware has been done very well. So screen on time & you can use the battery all day long without any problems. (iQOO 12 Indian Retail Until Unboxing Boxing)

I forgot to tell you, there’s an extra Q1 chip in this phone. It’s similar to iQOO 11. It’s a Q1 chip which gives you 2-3 more things. For eg, there’s a Super Resolution mode where you’re playing a 720p game & it’ll upscale to 900p. And you’ll be able to play at a much higher resolution. And it doesn’t look like it’s just for the name, it’s there. (iQOO 12 Indian Retail Until Unboxing Boxing)

You get Game Frame Interpolation, so if you play Genshin Impact or BGMI, it’ll take you upto 144Hz. And you can feel that when you’re gaming at 144Hz, you can actually feel how smooth it looks. And it’s not just for gaming, there’s MEMC which enables Q1. So when you’re watching Netflix, you’ll see more smooth action scenes. So yeah, that is there. And if we’re talking about Netflix, let’s talk about the multimedia. It has an excellent display, but the audio is also good. There are stereo speakers which are loud & have good quality. 

iQOO 12 Indian Retail Until Unboxing Boxing

There’s Widevine L1 support, so if you’re watching Netflix, you’ll be able to stream in Full HD. And with that audio & video, you’re absolutely going to enjoy it. Yes, HDR is supported everywhere. And why am I saying all this is so good? For eg, you’ll see haptic feedback while gaming. It’s excellent for gaming, it’s one of the best phones out there for sure. (iQOO 12 Indian Retail Until Unboxing Boxing)

The base variant is priced at Rs 50K & the upper variant is priced at Rs 53-54K. I don’t know when I’m unboxing it, but for that price, it’s an amazing performance. Display performance is always good on iQOO phones. 

But the camera is something that positively surprised me. If I talk about the setup, it’s 50MP x 50MP x 64MP. The primary sensor is 50MP, the ultrawide is 50MP. There’s a 64MP periscope sensor which gives you a 3X optical zoom. You can go upto 10X. And I’ll tell you what, the 10X photos that we took, that actually surprised me. (iQOO 12 Indian Retail Until Unboxing Boxing)

Because when you zoom in 10X, there aren’t that many details. But this one seriously kept the details & has a lot of photos. There’s a G-Drive link, do check it out. But my impressions are that I’m pleasantly surprised with the performance, especially the low light performance. There are photos & videos in low light, so that’s really good. It has support for OIS, so it takes good photos in low light. 

Even the ultrawide is decent & the colours are good. And yes, the shutter lag, which is common in many phones, is very fast. So definitely there’s a lot of improvement in the cameras, which is a good thing. You can shoot 4K 60FPS with all the sensors. (iQOO 12 Indian Retail Until Unboxing Boxing)

You can also shoot 8K with the primary sensor. But at the same time, the front sensor is 1080p at 30FPS. Yes, it should’ve been 4K there. There’s an advantage of the periscope, it’s not just a telephoto, it’s also a telemacro. By zooming in 6X, you can shoot macro videos & photos up close. 

So that’s there. And again, it gives 10X zoom, but it goes all the way up to 100X zoom, thanks to the periscope sensor. The camera features are also good. There’s a fish eye mode, you can create a fish eye effect with 51MP. So that’s there. And yes, if you don’t want to post a lot of photos on Instagram, & you want normal natural muted colours, there’s a neutral mode & a vivid mode. (iQOO 12 Indian Retail Until Unboxing Boxing).

If you want punchy colours, you can use that too. And if I talk about the app features, it’s all there. You can take out 50MP natively, there’s a slow motion mode, time lapse, pro mode, whatever you want is there in NLX. And as I said, there’s a fish eye mode too. There’s also a super moon mode thanks to the 100X zoom. 

Again, if I look at the price range of Rs 50K, this is probably one of the most capable camera setups. It’s functional & the output is good too. So I’m surprised that I will praise iQOO’s camera so much. Because of the price range, I think it’s a very good camera setup as well. If I talk about the small features, there’s IP64 certification. (iQOO 12 Indian Retail Until Unboxing Boxing)

Connectivity has all the connectivity options. There are 12 5G bands, 4G, dual 4G VoLTE, Wi-Fi 7 support, Bluetooth 5.4, IR blaster, sensors, in-display fingerprint sensor, face unlock, they all work very well. There’s NFC connectivity too. There are a few other interesting features too. There’s wet touch technology. In the rainy season, when you’re using it outside, if there’s water on the screen, the touch won’t work. But on this, it works easily. That’s wet touch technology. If you walk a lot in a kinetic wallpaper, not 3000-4000 steps like us, but 20,000 steps, you can actually walk up the mountain. This is a kinetic wallpaper for that too. (iQOO 12 Indian Retail Until Unboxing Boxing)

We tested something, iQOO claimed that 46 apps are running in the background. And they won’t shut off. We tested it overnight & when we checked in the morning, all the apps were running in the background. So that’s there. Because of the price, I’m actually surprised that at this price, iQOO 12 is giving you so many things. The performance is amazing, the display is amazing, but what really surprised me was the camera. (iQOO 12 Indian Retail Until Unboxing Boxing)


The camera also punches above its weight. And I’d say it’s one of the top 3 smartphones in this particular price range with great cameras. I’m surprised for iQOO. Yes, this is the iQOO 12. If you have any questions,Ask them in comments.

iQOO 12 Indian Retail Until Unboxing Boxing

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