Best tech & phones for kids, teens and preteens 2024

Best tech & phones for kids

Your children won’t want the same toys when they’re ten or twelve as the ones they play with when they’re seven. This also applies to technology. Your child will not require the same smartphone in high school that they do in elementary school.

(Best tech & phones for kids)

What therefore do we need and want from technology across all age groups? Think about these choices.

Ages: 5-8

Plan types: Just Kids, worldinforma Smart Family

For younger children, it’s essential to have fundamental communication skills between playground visits and school visits. Think of technology that not only informs you of their whereabouts but also promotes responsible gadget use. A suggestion: if your children are constantly moving, think about allowing location tracking on their gadgets. There are two to try:

With the Verizon GizmoWatch, kids can enjoy entertaining activity tracking and have two-way discussions with trusted connections.(Best tech & phones for kids)

With 300 internet-enabled educational games and all the features of a tablet, Samsung’s GizmoTablet is an excellent choice.

In summary, young children are still in the formative years of their digital lives. The ideal tablet for kids should be able to provide seamless connectivity, blend fun and education, and offer both.

Ages: 9–13

Plan types: Just Kids, worldinforma Smart Family

Children still require safe communication even as they become more independent. Kids can make calls and send texts on their own with an intuitive device that also helps you screen apps or social media. Alternatives to consider:

Kids’ flip phones in the classic form, including the Kyocera DuraXV LTE, Alcatel GO FLIP V, and KAZUNA eTalk, have simple buttons that make it easy for your kids to call you. Some also have a strong casing for fingers that are prone to accidents, Wi-Fi calling, and basic camera functionality.

In summary, it is imperative that students have formed sound digital habits by the time they graduate from primary school.(Best tech & phones for kids)

Ages: 13–19

Plan types: Prepaid Family Plan, Unlimited Plans

Kids typically have greater responsibility as they get older, both in terms of phone selection and plan type. When choosing a cell phone plan for a teenager, consider both their developing decision-making abilities and your capacity to keep an eye on them from a distance. Prepaid plans, for example, give younger users access to a certain amount of data without allowing them to use more than they have allocated. Additionally, think about implementing controls that only permit content that is acceptable for the user’s age. Teens can test the following phones:

Older smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy A20, Apple iPhone 7, and Motorola Moto G7 Power, might help you keep expenses under control without compromising on features. Starter smartphones are affordable enough to add to the family plan, with monthly prices starting at $5 or $10.(Best tech & phones for kids)

A smartphone that is Certified Pre-Owned helps you save money and has all the newest features, along with a 90-day warranty.

In summary, provide them with opportunities to spend money on gadgets they have worked hard to purchase so they can develop positive digital habits.

Ages: 19 and up (Best tech & phones for kids)

Plan types: Prepaid Family Plan, Unlimited Plans

Your teenagers may need an upgrade as they enter their early adult years and become more dependent on internet communication. The secret to really putting them in a winning position? Openness. It’s crucial to assist your young adult in comprehending the costs associated with daily gadget use before giving them complete control over a monthly payment. Encourage your child, for example, to use the My Verizon app or the internet to view their monthly expenditures. Try these phone options:

The entire spectrum of technological accessibility and communication is provided by gadgets like the Apple iPhone 11, Samsung Galaxy S9, and Google Pixel 4.(Best tech & phones for kids)

In summary, fostering financial and digital self-sufficiency can facilitate the development of responsible digital citizenship.

Build a digital roadmap for your children

Providing your children with ever more sophisticated technology as they become older, while still enabling you to keep an eye on them when necessary, can help them develop lifetime healthy digital habits. There is no one-size-fits-all solution; instead, combine options to make a plan that is ideal for your family.(Best tech & phones for kids)

(Best tech & phones for kids)

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