Android 15 Update: Developer Preview 1 Released, Beta Version Expected in April

Google has just dropped the first Developer Preview (DP) of Android 15, a day later than expected. Another DP build is set for March, followed by the first Beta in April, a second Beta in May, and then comes the “Platform Stability” phase in June, before the final release, which is scheduled for sometime after July. Google mentions there will be “several months” from June until the official release.

As usual with early Developer Previews, there aren’t many new features included, and the ones that are highlighted mostly target developers. In Android 15, there will be support for partial screen sharing, allowing users to share or record only a specific app window instead of the entire screen.

Android 13 introduced support for connecting to MIDI 2.0 devices via USB, and Android 15 expands this support to virtual MIDI apps. This means composition apps can now control synthesizer apps as if they were a USB MIDI 2.0 device, opening up new possibilities for music production.

In addition to the mentioned features, Android 15 includes further enhancements to performance frameworks. There are also new extensions for better control over camera hardware and algorithms on compatible devices, along with support for new data types in Health Connect.

Android 15 introduces the ability to protect files with custom cryptographic signatures, ensuring they remain untampered and safeguarded against malware or unauthorized modifications.

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