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One Plus Pad 3 Months User Review

One Plus Pad rewiew

One Plus Pad rewiew

One Plus Pad 3 Months User Review.Alright friends, I think 1plus pad is one of the most underrated device. After the deal came, I said wow you are getting this device at this price, I am going to tell you about the deal but on top of that I told people Asked brother, what do you think about oneplus 8, we said let’s do a user review because here Sahil, we don’t have tech at all, no, it is not tech at all, it is in our entertainment department. Yes, it handles social media etc.

One Plus Pad 3 Months User Review

It does many things, (One Plus Pad 3 Months User Review.)it is all in one and since the time it came to us, he has been using it for the last six months and we will talk to him, take actual user reviews, yes, we will ask him what all he does, how he does it. What is the experience and this is going to be totally raw, totally unscripted, some script etc. has not been done, Sahil is calling us directly, come, hello sir, coming for the first time in track and tech video, It is not included in this but tell me what do you think about One Pad, first of all let’s take one thing each, let’s talk about each thing but first of all tell me how do you like its design.

One Plus Pad 3 Months User Review

Tell me about the design.(One Plus Pad 3 Months User Review.) Before I say this, I would like to say that I am a huge fan of tablets, okay why I like tablets more than phones, it feels good, it is a big thing, it feels a little rich in the hand, see I told you this. Honest review is honest, what a normal user feels, only you will know, not from a tech perspective but from a user perspective, okay, it looks good, it means it looks rich in carrying like this, okay and the color is this color, isn’t it, very Is it different and how does it feel?

One Plus Pad

One Plus Pad 3 Months User Review

So when it feels good, tell me about durable, how does it feel? I have been using it for three-four months now, I don’t see scratches etc. The butt has fallen down, no, no, not at all, not a little, I handle it a lot, sir, ok, I handle it. Have fallen, want to see sir, whenever you don’t drop it, drop it, let’s do this, big things are going to drop and I don’t know what is going to happen to one and this sound has come very loudly, it is going on Friends, is there any tension going on, whenever you do a drop test, it is ok, tell me, display is also used by outdoors people, when shooting outdoors, how is the display, I have noticed a lot about its display, especially in outdoors. That it is as bright as it is indoors, I did not notice any difference so much because I shoot indoor as well as outdoor, I also shoot Mad for Fun in which I do it, what do you use it for, basically, when we do it, narration. Are you sitting for writing or are the topics of scripting discussed?

I use it for notes, paper, pencil etc., (One Plus Pad 3 Months User Review.)he does not use pen. He uses everything. Let’s talk about accessories. With this, he takes notes. Right and all. Of them are saved, well, how much does it mean while writing, there is some delay or ku, just like when you write with normal pen and paper, you feel the same and one thing happens that it is another one, it feels that man, he is doing something new.

Whenever I write notes, I also write digitally, I like it very much, okay and you watch multimedia, I have only taken it in this, I am in the phone, talk about netflix’s performance here and battery throughout the day, yes, when do you charge it? When does it get discharged, what is the best thing, I think it is fast charging. (One Plus Pad 3 Months User Review.)

One Plus Pad 3 Months User Review

Sir, yes, how much time does it take to get charged because it is a 99500 battery, it is a big battery, how much time does it take, mostly like half N R, what yes, okay? If you do n’t train completely, then I put it on charge at 20-30, why do you know in half an hour? There is some 66-67 watt charging in it, fast charging, I think it is the fastest charging tablet, so the battery gets charged throughout the day, I also use half of it the next day. (One Plus Pad 3 Months User Review.)

I do it, so the battery lasts for one and a half day, so that is also late, now let’s talk about performance, do you train first? Call of Duty, only Call of Duty, I do n’t play any other games, it is BGA, but my brother used to play it. I play Call of Duty the most. How is the experience? How is the FPS? How smooth are the graphics? Well, I had kept the setting on high and I tried it. I said when I got it, I tried it to see how it felt even after setting it on high.

Does it happen or is there no lag but it is not happening and also I played games which are like (One Plus Pad 3 Months User Review.)multiplayer games, I did not feel any lag in that also, ok and kitna deer tak khelta sesh tere kitne laal hote hote kabhi kabhi mein at night. I don’t play continuously till one o’clock, how much two hours, three hours, yes three hours, no heat etc., I did not feel it at all, wow, good, tell me one thing, say something bad about it, what about it, what did you not like, let’s talk about that, whenever I Do I use multimedia or else there will be unwanted touches ok so interesting again like I said this is an honest user review.

You tell me about the bezels, are these bezels thin or thick but according to me there should be this much for a tablet because when You are holding it, you ca n’t hold it like a phone, you have to hold it here and the thumbs are above the screen, so anyway, it is fine. While watching multimedia, he needs such an immersive display. The performance is good according to you. (One Plus Pad 3 Months User Review.)

It means multitasking for gaming etc. It means that if 10 apps are open, then sometimes whatever I do for the channel, I script or prepare it or I do quizzes, only then I prepare the questions, only then I do it. I must have noted from somewhere that I use split screen mostly, so yes, because of the big screen, it is an advantage in multitasking. If I have to do two things at the same time, then I use split screen on one side.

If you are being creative then I do that and from here by doing question copies etc. oh so whatever creative thing you are going on here and then here is not bad so real life use cases again ok so tell me one thing this much you use your What do you think is this a laptop replacement? What do you think would you prefer a laptop or this is definitely this because people from the office come to me and the contestants who live in my team are in the game anyway.(One Plus Pad 3 Months User Review.)

This is not mad for fun and wait for it. Above this, go and watch the channels, later it arranges quizzes etc. So what it does is basically multitasking, you have to do something here and there, you have to watch multimedia in split screen, optimize it, do you ever see bugs etc. and nothing till now. So it didn’t seem that oxygen was new for me because I use A UI in my phone, there is another UI in my phone, so this UI is very different for me, so how is it different, how did I think, was it user friendly? (One Plus Pad 3 Months User Review.)

Some bugs were seen, sure. It is definitely user friendly because I went into its settings and checked everything because I felt that I have the likes, so I checked everything, so I checked all the settings, all the refresh rates etc. are even in my 4G phone. If not, then I also talked about the refresh rate in it. By the way, the screen is 144 Hz, so it seems smooth in gaming, not at all. (One Plus Pad 3 Months User Review.)

That’s why I said that I have not seen the multiplayer mode. No, it is smoothly smooth. Gaming is even in high. Like I said, I have played the game on high settings, I have it for that also, my brother tried the BGA on it, so he also said that it is also very good, ok, he liked it because he has brought a tablet, so he tried the BGA first.(One Plus Pad 3 Months User Review.)

I installed it, I don’t play, but when he played and watched it, he also didn’t like it. Okay, tell me one thing. Now when you go out, how do you use the internet, connectivity, etc.? I use my phone’s hotspot mostly in the office. Whenever I am there, I have WiFi connected and whenever I am outside the office, the connectivity level is absolutely perfect. (One Plus Pad 3 Months User Review.)

Right, you know, I have fallen in love with this one person and I talked to him. I just came to know that he has told me. Arlia also that Sir, this is a wonderful thing, people should use it more, there will be no need of laptop etc. (One Plus Pad 3 Months User Review.)

So I said, let’s do a user review, let’s take actual raw opinions that what do the non-tech people think and How do you think, that’s why I said in the beginning of this video that this is a very underrated product and right now I think it is one of the best tablets out there because the deal has come, you are going to get an instant discount of some 5000. So its effective price is around 30500. Do you think it is worth it? 30500. (One Plus Pad 3 Months User Review.)

One Plus Pad 3 Months User Review

Definitely definitely yes. And if you are not going to buy a laptop then please do invest in this. You get it for Rs. 5000. By the way, I have forgotten one thing right now. I saw the camera, that’s why I am talking about how is the quality of the camera. I click some photos with it, mostly I don’t use it for photography or on tabs, sometimes if I do, I do video calling, but for everything else, its not good. (One Plus Pad 3 Months User Review.)

Thumbs up for what it is, if you are in the market for a tablet and your budget is around Rs. 30000 then you should definitely look at one pad. I think this is one of the best tablets. Most underrated tablets out there. That particular price range. Now friends, let’s talk about the offers of oneplus 8.

It is tremendous. Yes, you are going to get Rs. 3499 all inclusive with bank discount. Yes, you will get Rs. 5000000 in offline stores also up to 31st December. Not only this, you are going to get Rs. 00 additional. This special price will be from 8th to 17th December and yes, there is no upfront money, friends, there is no cost EMI of 12 months on all the platforms which I have mentioned earlier, online and offline amazon2 a everywhere and one more thing oneplus8 If you buy one and you have a phone with you or you look at one-plus cases.


In for prices and discounts then I would definitely say that One Pad is one of the best tablets in this price range. How did you like this video and we have seen such videos users. Review videos should be done. Non-techy users should do review videos. Will definitely tell. If you like it, please Share with your friends.

One Plus Pad 3 Months User Review.

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